At Behm Design, we provide garage plans for a lot of homes that are located on small properties. Often, homes on small properties don’t have built-in garages to begin with. This inspires homeowners to look into getting a small detached garage built on the property so they can have a spot to park their car or store items. Read on to learn more about different plans that are favorable for smaller properties. Also, learn about why you need a detached garage and what you should store in this new structure.  

Why Do I Need a Detached Garage?

There are many reasons to build a detached garage on your property. First and foremost, it provides you with space to put your car. This is great for those stormy days that you want to protect your car under a shelter. Keeping a car in a garage helps the paint job stay looking shiny for longer. It also protects the car from street parking related damages, like getting your mirror side swept or getting rocks thrown at your car. A second reason to consider getting a detached garage is that it provides homeowners with more storage space. A lot of times, living on a small property means your house is small too. Getting a detached garage gives you extra space to store things that might be piling up in your house.

12’ Wide Compact Garage Plans

One car compact garages are perfect for small properties. These garages are 12’ wide which is the smallest 2-foot increment width dimension possible for a one car garage. Garages that are 12’ wide also allow for space for car doors to swing open on both sides. If you plan to use this compact garage to park a car in, be sure to measure your car’s dimensions before purchasing the plans. You want to make sure that the garage is actually wide and deep enough to fit your car. Behm Design offers 13 different plans in this 12’ wide, compact garage category. The plans differ by roof style and windows, so browse through and pick which one suits your property best.

14’ Wide Garage Plans

The 14’ wide garage plans are just slightly wider than the 12’ plans but are considered the ideal width for a one car garage. At Behm Design, this is our most popular option for those looking to park one car. In addition, these garages can be built in several different depths for those who are interested in added storage. At Behm, we offer 23 different styles of 14’ wide garages. This type of garage is perfect for someone who lives on a small property in a small house, as it provides room for a car and storage.

Garages with Apartment

Another great option for a small property is a garage with an apartment on top. This is a way to add more space vertically without taking up too much room on the lot. There are apartment plans available in both the 12’ compact style and the 14’ style that have an apartment on the second floor. This allows homeowners to park a car downstairs while using the upstairs space for a wide variety of things. This is a great way to add an extra bedroom to the house. The spot can also be used for storage, an at-home gym, or a studio. The options are endless. The compact design is 12’-3” x 24’ and the 14’ wide option is 14’ x 28’. Both plans come with a built-out design for the second story apartment. These plans include a bathroom, kitchenette, and living space. It is the perfect studio style apartment!

What Should I Put in My Small Garage?

The great part about a detached garage is that it can be used for a variety of different purposes. Parking the car is the first option. This helps protect the car from weather and street damage that it might incur parked out front of the house.

A Space for Storage 

If you are happy parking out on the street, the garage space can be opened up for many different purposes. A garage is the perfect place to store items. This is especially true if the homeowner does not have a basement. Invest in some built-in shelving to help keep the storage area organized. This is a great spot for homeowners to store things like a lawnmower, leaf blower, and other yard work tools.

A Space for Hobbies 

Another way to use this space is to turn it into a workshop. A detached garage is a great place to work on a project like woodworking. You don’t have to worry about being messy and dragging tools into the house, because the garage is the perfect space. Some people also like to turn their garage into a place for their personal hobbies. Whether this is painting, photography, or working out, a detached garage provides the space to do this. It could even be turned into a man cave! Simply hook up a TV, add some comfortable seating and a fridge, and you are ready to watch football! The options are endless.

Garage Plans that Create a Space for Residents 

With the apartment style garage, you have even more options about what you can do with the space. It can be used as an extra bedroom for a teenager or a live-in relative. It can also be rented out so that you can earn monthly rental income. Rent through Airbnb or VBRO, or simply list through Craigslist. Make sure you talk with an attorney or another experienced individual when you are writing up your lease.

Just because you live on a small property does not mean that you can’t have a detached garage. At Behm Design, we create garage plans that are perfect for small plots of land. This includes our 12’ compact styles, our 14’ styles, and our one car garages with apartments on top. For more information about purchasing plans and building a garage on your property, contact us today.