Building a detached garage on a property is quite a task. The process can be made a lot easier by purchasing the garage plans online. Buying plans online makes building a garage cheaper and more convenient. Behm Design offers many different plans. These plans include various styles and sizes allowing homeowners to find a garage that works perfectly on their property. Here are a few benefits of purchasing plans online.

Not Having to Hire an Architect

The first benefit to buying garage plans online is not having to hire an architect. Homeowners who choose to not purchase plans online end up hiring an architect to draw up the garage plans. Architects typically have high hourly fees which cause homeowners to pay large expenses upfront. Behm Design offers plans at an affordable rate so that you don’t have to hire your own architect. Cutting out the architect fee will save money in the overall garage project budget.

Receiving 4 Sets of Plans

Another benefit of ordering plans online with Behm Design is that the plans come in a set of 4. Typically, 2 of the sets will be given to the building department to review. Another plan will be given to your builder or supplier. The fourth plan will be kept by you. In addition, if you choose to buy the PDF version of the plans, you can print them as many times as you would like. Having a PDF copy of the plan is a huge benefit of convenience and for saving time.

Ability to Receive Full Refund Within 60 Days

Behm Design allows customers to state that they will not use the plan they bought their plans within 60 days of purchase and will receive refund of purchase price. This helps ease the worries of homeowners who are doubtful about ordering garage plans online. This return policy is a unique benefit of Behm Design. They guarantee your satisfaction or will give you the money back within 60 days.

As you begin the process of building a detached garage on your property, consider purchasing the plans online. This is a good way to save money on upfront architecture fees. It is also beneficial because it allows homeowners to receive multiple copies of the plans. Finally, Behm Design will offer refunds within 60 days! Search through Behm Design plans today to find a garage that will work on your property. Contact Behm Design for more information about the process of ordering plans.