If you’re in the market for a new garage, you may be deciding between an attached garage and a detached garage. While the attached garage is still the more common design, more and more homeowners are looking at the benefits of a detached garage. Building a detached garage has a number of advantages, and a detached garage may be the perfect fit for your particular situation.

Detached Garages Are a Better Use of Space

Quite simply, detached garages are a better use of space. With an attached garage, your options are fairly limited. However, with a detached garage, you are free to fit it in perfectly with your lot’s exact specifications. You can place detached garages at an angle to the main house or even behind it. This can be easier to fit for lots that are longer and narrower. In addition, zoning laws may be more difficult to work around with an attached garage. Permits to enlarge an existing structure can be more expensive and difficult to obtain. Adding an entirely new structure to your lot is sometimes simpler.

Detached Garages Offer A More Modern Look

Houses with an attached garage and a “garage-forward” design are all too commonplace. Many people find this design somewhere between boring and downright ugly. And adding an attached garage to a smaller house can exacerbate the problem. For many homeowners, a detached garage gives a more modern look. Rather than having an overbearing attached garage dominate the lot, detached garages keep the focus on your main house.

Detached Garages Offer More Customization

Detached garages offer many more options for customization. Since you are building the garage from scratch, you can design it to fit whatever you’d like to use it for. Detached garages can have living spaces built into them, so you can offer guests a private place to stay. Detached garages can also accommodate office space, workshops, or decks and patios that you can use to entertain guests. For homeowners with limited front or backyard space, a detached garage can act as the perfect alternative.

Detached Garages Are Better for Your Main House

Detached garages avoid many of the major drawbacks associated with attached garages. For example, they can be a lot safer for your main house. Garages are a common place for burglars to try to enter. With a detached garage, any successful burglars won’t have access to the rest of your house. Also, detached garages can help you put distance between your main house and any potentially dangerous chemicals or gasses that are found in your garage (paints, fumes, exhaust, etc.) Similarly, detached garages can greatly reduce the amount of noise leakage into your main house if you like to use your garage as a workspace.

Detached garages are gaining popularity due to their many benefits. If you’re considering building a new garage, a detached garage might be right for you. If you’re interested in a ready-to-use garage plan, contact Behm Design today.