Please Review A Behm Design Garage Planset Example

Behm Design

Behm Design Garage Plans Collage View

I made this collage/image was  using one of our Behm Design Garage Plans. It has 11 sheets. To illustrate the overall content of typical garage plans produced by Behm Design we arranged individual plan sheets to reduce and layer in Photoshop. The sheet size we use for all of our garage plans is 18″ x 24″.

Typical Content and Format for Behm Design Garage  Plans

There is some content common to many of the plan but most plans are unique with 1/4″ scale full views. We sell Paper plans in a package of four copies. We collate, staple and ship by UPS Ground. Alternatively, you can purchase the PDF for the plan and it is the exact same file that the paper plans that we print from. In Checkout, you can see the default price shown  for the PDF only. With drop-down you can order the paper plans and buy extra copies as add-ons. If you buy the paper plans you can buy the PDF as an add-on for additional $40

Regarding Drawing Scale

Scale is used in the drawing views to illustrate the design and relative proportions. It is important to note that the

    Note: drawings should never be scaled directly

. That is because some framing dimensions, spacings and allowances can change when wall bracing schemes are calculated for a code change, for example. We don’t revise drawings unless the actual framing or assembly is changed. Laying an architectural scale on 1/4″ scale drawings may show what seems to be a discrepancy but it is not. Where the change occurs is in the indicated dimension lines and values throughout the drawings. This is standard practice in our industry. If you do scale the actual prints you might conclude there is an error. There is not. But using scale-derived measurements will create building errors.

Regarding Drawing Dimensions

All dimensions are presented in appropriate views. Dimensions that are not shown are those that are established when various components, such as windows and doors, etc. are selected from your supplier. And that us due to manufacturers’ variations. You may wonder why we dimension openings in framed walls – it is because you will later learn what the window manufacturer requires for their product. You then frame to that from the located center of opening. Framing dimensions for walls are to one face of framing to another. For framed bearing lines(which may be posts, beams or bearing walls) are referenced to centerlines of the bearing structure. Concrete dimensions are to face of concrete of foundation walls and their openings. Concrete post footings are located to centerlines and sizes of footings are called out in a note.