A detached garage is a valuable addition to any property. In today’s housing market, additional storage for vehicles or other personal items is an attractive asset. If you are thinking about adding one of these outbuildings to your home, let Behm Design help!

We have hundreds of detached garage designs, from basic and storage garages to extra-large jumbo garages. In a soaring market, don’t wait to add value to your home with one of our garage plans. 

Basic Detached Garage

These units are straightforward in form and function. Meant for vehicle or general storage, basic detached garages are among the most common additions to residential properties. In neighborhoods with primarily street-level parking, they are especially valuable. 

On the other hand, storage is often hard to come by, especially if you have a large family or own a business. If you don’t have additional cars that need storing but are looking for general storage, our basic units can fill that role for you. You can rest assured that your valuables will be well protected in your detached garage. 

Behm Design knows that, when it comes to detached garages, one size does not necessarily always fit all. That is why we have created over 90 different basic garage plans for you to choose from. These detached garages come in various sizes and feature variable depth options, making it easier for you to select the right plan for your property.

Turn Your Detached Garage into Additional Living Space

Adding an apartment garage to your property is one of the easiest ways to add value to your home. These units offer additional living space for an elderly parent or college-age child. Alternatively, you can rent out the apartment to a tenant, earning back your investment and then some. 

If adding living space to your property is your goal, Behm Design can help. We have apartment garage plans that feature ground- and second-story apartments, including some loft-style designs. If your local zoning ordinances don’t allow a residential accessory building, utilize our alternate designs that turn the apartment into vacant space. 

What’s more, you won’t find such stylish and potentially profitable garages anywhere else. Behm Design is leading the industry of detached garage design with our range of apartment garages. Our unique plans will make your property stand out. 

Don’t Let Lack of Space Deter Your Detached Garage Plans

If you live on a smaller lot but still crave the value and versatility of a detached garage, consider one of Behm Design’s Craftsman-style garages. These units maximize square foot efficiency while providing all the utility of a standard garage. 

Craftsman-style units are typically much smaller than basic garages, but even the smallest of our plans are code-compliant. Turn one of these smaller-than-average additions into a home office or playroom for your kids. However you choose to use it, adding one of these detached garages to your lot, no matter the size, will increase the value of your property.

detached garage

Photo by Denny Muller on Unsplash

Marry Style and Function With a Dormer Garage

Dormer garages are some of the most fashionable detached garage designs. These units go great with colonial-style homes and come in two distinct dormer configurations. Both provide increased light and ventilation in traditionally cramped areas and give the garage a clean, chic look. 

With that in mind, if you’re looking for a detached garage with attic or loft space, these dormer garages are perfect for you. Whether you choose shed dormers or a doghouse style, these units are versatile, easy on the eyes, and sure to boost your property value. 

Add Jumbo Utility with a Jumbo Garage

If you’ve got extra space for an extra-large detached garage, Behm Design highly recommends one of our jumbo garage plans. These units are among the most versatile detached garage designs we have to offer. 

Not only do jumbo garages feature the most standard vehicle storage, but they are also capable of housing large vehicles. Protect your boat, RV, or trailer in one of these oversized units. 

That’s not all these garages can do. Utilize the extra square feet and turn your jumbo garage into a detached workspace. Jumbo garages are often used as home officers, wood or metal shops, or art studios. Store inventory for your business, or give your kids an indoor play area. The possibilities are limitless!

Pump Up the Value of Your Farm or Business

For those of you who work in construction or farming, a standard detached garage might not be tough enough. When looking for a place to keep your tractor, backhoe, or other heavy-duty equipment, these ultra-sturdy units provide peace of mind and peak protection. 

Additionally, the reinforced walls of these heavy-duty garages can be fitted with storage racks designed for bulky or weighty materials. The oversized garage door allows for all kinds of construction or farming machinery, and all of our heavy-duty plans allow for reinforced flooring. 

These units aren’t just for equipment, however. If you live in an area that sees extreme temperatures, the additional insulation our heavy-duty garages provide allows you to rest easy that whatever you keep inside is protected from the elements. 

About Us

Behm Design is leading the industry in detached garage design. Our units provide additional storage, living space, and functionality. Your property’s value will soar when you use our plans to build your detached garage. 

Visit our website today and browse the hundreds of plans we have to offer. Take advantage of our fast, digital delivery and satisfaction-guaranteed designs, or your money back up to sixty days. We promise you will not regret making one of our detached garages an addition to your home.