So, you have a detached garage and would like to renovate it into a useable space. Maybe you already know what you’re looking for. Or perhaps you’re not so sure?

Behm Design can help you with new builds and renovations by providing high-quality, ready-to-use garage design plans. You can use our plans to obtain building permits, estimate building costs, and start the building process. With over 25 years of design and drafting experience, we know how to help you make these dreams come true.     

If you are looking to renovate your detached garage, we have the plans that will help. Your possibilities are endless. Some favorite renovations include workshops, playrooms, home gyms, media rooms, and flex space. 


If the craft room inside your home has gotten too small, or the woodworking you’ve been doing in the garage has taken over your garage space, it may be time to consider renovating your detached garage into a workshop.  

Think through the amount of space you’ll need. You may want to reserve some room in the garage for storage or lawn equipment, but whatever you decide, be sure your area is clearly defined. 

Whether you are woodworking or crafting, your power source is essential. How much power will you need? Do you have special machinery that needs extra support? Should you add outlets in specific or multiple locations?  

Proper ventilation is also crucial. If you paint, use chemicals, or even have an abundance of sawdust in your workshop, you’ll need to talk to someone about installing vents or even an exhaust system.

Lights, lights, lights. Don’t skimp on lighting! Take it easy on your eyes and invest in quality LED lighting. Overhead lighting is essential, no matter how you’re using your workshop. Skylights may be a solution, too. Be sure to think through all your options. Your eyes will thank you. 


Do the children need a space of their own? A place where it doesn’t matter if Legos get cleaned off the table or doll clothes get put away? A playroom is a perfect option for growing, active families. 

Design an activity center for the whole family with tables and chairs, games, puzzles, and art supplies. Train sets and train tables, dollhouses, and racetracks with cars take up so much space. Move these items out of the children’s rooms and into the new playroom where they can be enjoyed.

Consider turning one section of the space into a reading nook with bookshelves, comfortable chairs, or beanbags. You could even install a sink, fridge, and microwave in the area, so snacks are convenient. 

Does sports equipment take up space in your mudroom or foyer? Designate a corner of the playroom for all sports equipment and gear. In fact, think about including a stackable washer and dryer so that all the athletic-wear goes straight in the washing machine when you get home from an event. It never even has to come inside the house! 

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Home Gym

Need some space to work things out? A home gym may be just what the doctor ordered! Specifically, design your space with you in mind. Do you need room for weights and a treadmill, elliptical, or rowing machine? Maybe floor space and wall mirrors are more critical for dance, Zumba, or tai chi. 

What about a wall-mounted, large-screen smart television for workout videos or yoga training? Also, consider built-in shelving or cabinets for yoga mats, towels, or hand weights, and think about installing a dance bar or punching bag. 

Home gyms are a perfect way to get year-round exercise in a clean, safe environment.  

Media Room 

A media room is fun for the whole family and an excellent way to use the extra space of a detached garage. Comfortable seating options, a large screen or projector, and a surround sound system are crucial to making this space a reality. Don’t forget to think about lighting – in this case, how to best make the room dark enough that it feels like the theater!

Flex Space 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable. Flex space is a fantastic option for families of all sizes. Turning your detached garage into a flex space can provide answers to some of life’s more surprising questions. 

For example, maybe you have older parents, and their quarantining alone isn’t an option. Turn your detached garage into a small apartment for them with a private sleeping space and an open floor-plan living area. They can be just a short walk away but maintain the privacy everyone appreciates. 

Did you need a home office or schoolroom setup at home this year and find yourself crammed into a guest bedroom or working from your dining room table? Flex space allows you to make designated areas for both work and school. 

Believe it or not, having that short walk from your residence to your very own space set aside for work or school makes an incredible difference psychologically. Getting away from household distractions and allowing yourself a quiet setting increases productivity and reduces stress considerably.  

Think about what you’d need to achieve an adequate work/study space. Maybe a whiteboard or bookshelves? Power outlets, good lighting, and access to a reliable internet connection would be critical. Would you want a desk or require only good work tables that could be converted later into something else? 

That’s the beauty of flex space. With well-thought-out plans, you can quickly transform the space into what you need it to be – when you need it. 

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