A detached garage is a great addition to any property. Not only can it increase the value of the property, but it can be used for many different purposes. From an at-home gym to a wood shop, your garage can be transformed into the space of your dreams. At Behm Design, we create garage plans so that all you have to do is hire a builder, hand over the plans, and watch as your dream garage becomes a reality. We offer plans in a variety of styles and sizes to fit on any property. As we grasp onto the final days of summer, here are 5 ways to use your detached garage to finish out the summer strong!

Garage Plans = Summer Storage

A detached garage is the perfect spot to store vacation items throughout the summer. What homeowners wants sandy umbrellas and beach chairs scattered around their home? A detached garage is a great place to put these items when they are not being used. Take some time to install built-in shelves and storage so that you have room to store things. This is a great way to keep everything organized while also saving space inside your home.

Create a Home Gym

Behm Design offers a variety of garage plans. A detached garage can be used in many different ways during the summer season.

Photo by Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash

As a result of COVID-19, many gyms, studios, and fitness centers have been either closed or are operating at a limited capacity this summer. Take this opportunity to build an at-home gym in your detached garage. Not only will this encourage you to work out more, but it can also save you money on an expensive gym membership! Fill your detached garage with all the equipment that you would typically use at the gym. This could include exercise equipment like bikes and ellipticals as well as weights. Build out an area for stretching and yoga and includes items like mats, balance balls, and resistance bands. Your gym can be a great place for the whole family to work out in. You can also install a TV to give you something to watch while working out and speakers for music.

Garage Plans with Apartment Space: Rent it Out

If you purchased garage plans with an apartment above the garage, you can transform that space into an apartment to rent out through Airbnb all summer long. This is the perfect solution for people who live in touristy areas. If your town or city is a vacation destination, renting out your apartment above the garage is a great way to earn some extra income over the summer. Vacationers will be happy to stay in a great location. Have fun creating a great rental space! Leave your guests with fun goodies like local wines, snacks, or boutique toiletry items. If you live near the beach, turn the space into a beach themed apartment. If you live in a city, hang up photographs taken in your city. Make the place as attractive as possible. Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your unit before you put in on a rental website. This will increase the amount of traffic you see in your rental.

The best part about a garage with an apartment? You can still use the garage space for whatever you want! The upstairs apartment has a secure, outdoor entry with stairs, so the garage downstairs is all yours, even when you have people staying above.

Project Space

Another great way to use your garage this summer is to have a space to complete your favorite projects. Transform the space into a woodworking studio and enjoy building things. The garage is a perfect place to store all of your woodworking tools and still have enough workspace. If you are interested in building things like furniture or art made from wood, you will have plenty of room in the detached garage. This space is also great for artists who enjoy painting and drawing. Bring all your art supplies out to the garage and enjoy your time spent relaxing and creating art. Whatever types of projects you like to work on, your detached garage will provide you with the space to do it.

Transform It into a Home Classroom

COVID-19 has caused many schools to go fully or partially virtual, starting in the fall. Parents are scrambling, trying to find a good place for their kids to set up their home classroom. A detached garage is the perfect spot. Install heating and AC units so that the garage is climate controlled. Start a fun project with your kids of creating their very own at-home classroom. This is a space for kids to spend working during the school day, free of the distractions in the main house. While virtual school might not be as fun as real school, you kids will loving getting to help create their own space.

As the summer winds down, take advantage of doing some projects to fully utilize the space in your detached garage. From renting out apartment space to transforming the garage into a home gym, there are endless options when it comes to using your garage. The great part about detached garages is that it allows homeowners to creates spaces like art studios or store items like summer beach stuff without taking up room in the main house. With all the time we are spending at home during 2020, it is the perfect time to invest in an at-home garage, or create your dream space in a detached garage you already have. For more information about detached garages and garage plans, contact Behm Design today.