Are you looking to add some kid-friendly space to your home and wondering where to start? Consider your detached garage. Plenty of homeowners across America are converting their seldom-used garage space into a place perfect for their children to use. From playrooms to theaters, the applications of the garage space are unlimited with the right garage plans and the help of a garage design specialist.

4 Key Things All Converted Garage Plans Need

It’s essential to get your garage plans organized with these critical components resolved first. As a result, this will maximize the safety and comfort of your new space: 


When you want to convert the garage into some form of year-round living space, insulation is a must. Without proper insulation, a garage-turned-living space will bake in the summer and freeze in the winter, leading to hazardous conditions for anyone using the area.

HVAC & Electrical

It stands to reason that a converted garage space should be comfortable. Comfort won’t be possible without proper ductwork, heating, A/C, electrical, and lighting that do not come in generic garages.


Most garages come with the traditional concrete slab flooring and not much else. Depending on the level of conversion and planned use of the space, you may need to install new flooring. Options range from snap-and-click carpet tiles to vinyl, laminate, or even epoxy coating. 

Doors & Walls

A traditional garage door will let the elements invade the garage while detracting from the lighting and design of the space. Unfinished garage walls tend to expose insulation (or lack it entirely), making it a dangerous place for a curious child. Adding finished walls and switching to either an insulated garage door or even installing a pair of french doors instead will instantly improve the space’s design and comfort.

Once you have these four bases covered, your garage is ready to finish converting into a kid-friendly space. Here are some ideas for garage plans that are sure to bring a smile to any kid’s face and put that extra space to good use!

Playroom Garage Plans (and Bonus Storage Space!)

Has the home become a treacherous labyrinth of Legos, stuffed animals, and colorful piles of plastic doodads and kid gadgets? It sounds like it’s time to give the kids a designated toy zone. An unused or partially used garage can easily convert into a playroom with a bit of good garage planning

When upgrading the garage floor, go for something that provides a bit of protection from the running and jumping that comes with kids playing. Some options are carpet tiles or wall-to-wall carpet. Choose bright, cheery colors for wall paint, and if the garage initially had no windows, consider having a few installed to promote healthy sun exposure.

The benefits of turning the garage into a playroom are endless, but a significant bonus is the addition of a cleaner, more organized home. A garage can hold plenty of toys and provide designated storage space with storage bins, shelves, and a few toy boxes. 

Arts and Crafts Room Garage Plans

What parent doesn’t want to fuel their child’s artistic side? There’s nothing better than a bounty of stick-people pictures, finger-painted murals, and spaghetti noodle art to decorate the fridge. The trouble is, sometimes the kids bring a little (or a lot) of mess with them when they make art. 

Converting the garage into an art room can take the headache out of art time with the kids. It’s pretty easy to have epoxy or vinyl flooring installed in the garage to create a waterproof, spill-friendly solution for space. Plus, your kids can keep all of their art supplies and projects in one place where messes are allowed! Talk about a kid’s dream come true! 

For added artistic flair, invest in a bucket of chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint turns any wall or floor into a…well, chalkboard! Kids can take sidewalk chalk and draw to their heart’s content, and parents can rest assured that cleanup will only take a wet rag and a few minutes to do.

Indoor Jungle Gym Garage Plans

Winters can be taxing on kids and parents alike when the whole family is stuck inside on a cold day. Good news – the garage can become the jungle gym the kids need to burn off all that pent-up energy! 

Indoor jungle gyms and playgrounds are a popular solution for entertaining kids year-round. Be sure to include an impact-absorbing floor in your garage plan to create a safety-conscious space. Consider using something like the foam and rubber used in gyms because they will help prevent injuries. Small slides, indoor swings, a mini-basketball hoop, and even teeter-totters are popular additions to an indoor jungle gym. Just bear in mind that kids will need supervision when they’re in this fun room!

Book Nook Garage Plans

Sometimes it’s hard to find a quiet space for the kids to study and calm down. Between siblings, pets, cooking, cleaning, and the other sounds that always fill a home, plenty of homes benefit from converting their garage into a designated quiet space. 

Garages lend themselves perfectly to creating a room for kids to relax and study inside. Because the garage is naturally set aside from the main thoroughfare of the home, it is relatively easy to insulate and sound-proof for optimal zen-like qualities. When converting a garage into a book nook space, keep in mind that you will need to install additional lighting. Most garages aren’t well-lit enough for optimal reading and writing conditions. Add in a few bookshelves and a cozy chair, and your kid will have the perfect space for winding down. 

Sound-Proof Theater, Game, and Music Room Garage Plans

Most kids like loud things. It’s a fact of life. A garage can be converted into a sound-proof space ideally suited for those noisy hobbies and games. When it comes to providing space for noisy fun, the garage may be the perfect solution for your needs.

Wall pads, acoustic foam panels, padded flooring, and insulated walls help create a virtually sound-proof space. They’re smart choices for your home theater/game room/music room catch-all space. Add some comfortable chairs and a popcorn machine, shelves for instruments and CDs, or all the pinball machines, board games, and pool tables your family desires to create the perfect sound-proofed rec room in your garage. 

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