When cars first became popular, they were parked outside. After a while, people wanted somewhere to store their cars. This is where the detached garage comes in. However, over the years detached garages faded out, and attached garages became the garage of choice. However, detached garages come with many advantages. Here are a few reasons why detached garages are making a comeback.

Detached Garages Looks Better

Adding an unattached garage can eliminate the garage focus house design that has dominated suburban neighborhoods for years. If someone looks at your home, likely the first thing they notice is the garage. However, if you choose to go with a detached garage, you can draw attention to other aspects of your home’s design. Adding an unattached garage allows other’s to see the true beauty of the home. This is especially true for smaller homes. Attached garages on smaller homes dominate the whole house design and make the house look smaller than it is. Having a detached garage makes a home look more balanced and unique.

Detached Garages Are Easier to Add

As the name implies, a detached garage is not attached to the home. Building a detached garage is easier than building an attached one. When building a free-standing structure, you have fewer factors to consider. You do not have to think about things such as how to attach the electrical system to the already existing structure. A detached garage also allows for more design options. Since you do not have to consider another structure, you are free to design the garage of your dreams. You can angle the garage however you want and not worry about how it will look attached to another structure. A detached garage causes fewer headaches during the building process.

Detached Garages Have Multiple Uses

When adding an attached garage, there are only so many things you can use it for. Adding a detached garage opens up the opportunity to use your garage for more than just storing your car. You can make your garage into a workshop and not have to worry about your family complaining about all the noise and dust. Another option is to make your unattached garage into a home office to give yourself an isolated and quiet workspace.

Detached Garages Are Healthier for You and the Environment

If you are concerned about saving the environment and your family’s health, an unattached garage is a better choice for you. A detached garage is more green than an attached garage. When you have an attached garage, you have to worry about the toxins and chemicals from the car getting into the house. However, if you have a detached garage, you can keep dangerous materials isolated from the house. In addition, it’s easier to get a green certification when building a stand-alone garage than when adding on to your home’s existing structure.

Build Your Detached Garage

While it may seem that unattached garages are a thing of the past, there are many benefits. If you are ready to build the garage of your dreams and use it however you want, it’s time to contact the professionals. The first step is finding the perfect detached garage plan. For all your garage plan needs, contact Behm Design.