Folks with large families know that standard attached garages just don’t cut it when you have a full house. Between the extra cars and the need for additional storage space, a detached garage is often necessary. Fortunately, Behm Design has you covered with our wide range of family garage plans.

Everyone needs a little extra space these days. Adding a detached garage is a smart and inexpensive way to boost your property value. If you’ve got a big family, it’s also a practical move. Check out all the different garage plans we feature. 

Basic or Storage Garages

For general vehicle storage, one of our basic detached garages will make a tremendous upgrade for large families with lots of drivers. With over ninety different designs for these kinds of garages, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Start small with one of our one-car designs, or go all out and try one of the massive four-car options. 

Many of these designs come with 1-foot depth increments, giving you a wider variety of choices. Most of our basic garage plans feature variable depth options for even greater customization. This means that no matter what your garage needs may be, we have a plan for you. 

If you’re looking for a mix of vehicle and general storage, take a look at our many storage garage plans. These are versatile units that can house typically one vehicle and feature storage areas as well. If you’ve got a lawnmower, recycling bins, or other items that need to be stored away, one of our storage garages might be just what you’re looking for.

Apartment Garages

Build your own mother-in-law suite with one of our apartment garage designs. These units will add value to your property and can solve issues of cramped space in your dwelling. With a range of sizes, these apartment garages can be a lifesaver for large families. 

Featuring lofts, balconies, compact car garage options and more, our variety of apartment garage plans can satisfy every taste or preference. We also provide designs with first-floor and second-floor options, so those with limited mobility or a desire for higher elevation can find what they need.

If your dwelling isn’t zoned for additional housing, our plans include an alternate design displaying a vacant second story. These options can come in handy if the demographics and zoning considerations are changing in your area. Be sure to research your local laws before committing to one design or the other.

family garage plans

Dormer Garages

Let the light in with one of our dormer garage designs. These units are stylish and practical, perfect for any big family looking for an addition to their property. 

Our dormer garage designs come in a variety of configurations and sizes. You can choose from such great features as a loft or full-size apartment, up to three-car vehicle storage, or down-to-earth single-story units. We even have a luxurious carriage house-style design that would go great with your colonial home. 

These plans typically come with either shed dormers or gable dormers. Shed dormers feature a forward sloped roof and can be used as a loft or for storage. On the other hand, gable dormers have smaller openings for ventilation and traditionally do not allow for open spaces. Whatever your needs or tastes may be, Behm Design has a plan for you. 

Jumbo Garages

Jumbo garages are the ultimate in detached garage utility. These extra-large outbuildings can be used in a variety of ways. Do you have a big family in need of additional space? A jumbo garage just might be perfect for you. 

If you’ve got additional vehicles that need housing, check out our four-car garage plans. If you’ve got a camper or boat that you’d like to shelter from the elements, our jumbo garages have you covered. Or if you need an indoor play area for the kids, you can use one of our jumbo plans for that as well. 

These units feature oversized garage doors and 12’ high framed walls. You’ll be able to pull in a trailer, RV, or utilize the extra space as a workshop or hobby area. Jumbo garages are the ultimate addition to any property thanks to their endless adaptability. 

Make One of Our Large Family Plans Work for You!

We know large families have to get creative when it comes to additional vehicles or a lack of storage space. If this sounds like your situation, then let Behm Design get creative for you. Our catalog of garage plans is as extensive as it is diverse.

With hundreds of different designs to choose from, we have a plan for all kinds of living situations. Whether you just need a little extra space or a jumbo garage that can house up to four vehicles, Behm Design can help.

About Us

At Behm Design, we are on a mission to provide your family with a detached garage plan for your unique needs. Large or small, apartment or jumbo, we are confident we have the perfect family garage plan for you. We are here to help you on your journey, no matter what you choose. 

If you’re not satisfied with your Behm Design garage plan, don’t stress. All of our plans come with a sixty-day money-back guarantee. Visit our website today to find the detached garage of your dreams, or contact us for a more personalized experience. We are excited to assist in your expansion plans.