Picking garage plans can be both a fun and overwhelming process. At Behm Design, we provide so many different plans, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Having a lot of options is a good thing, however. Creating a list of pros and cons for different styles available until you narrow down your choices to one selection can be a helpful technique. Here are three tips for deciding which style garage to pick.

Match the Style of Your Home

An easy way to narrow down the selection of plans is to pick ones that match the style of your home. Behm Design has many different styles of garages including carriage house, colonial, craftsman, hipped roof, modernist, and Victorian. If your home doesn’t fit exactly into one of these styles, do your best to match the features of your house and neighborhood with the features of a certain style of garage.

Pick Based on Size

Another way to narrow down the choices is to pick based on size. If your lot is smaller, narrow down your choices to the craftsman style garage plans. They are usually the smallest size to build while still being code compliant. The modernist style garages are also great for homeowners looking for a low-profile detached garage. For those who need huge garages, the carriage house style and the craftsman style both have 4-car garage options. This size is perfect for a family with multiple cars or wish to have additional storage space in their garage.

Gain an Apartment

If you are looking to add a detached garage with a second floor, the carriage house and colonial style plans are the way to go. Many of these plans come with a second floor that can be used as for an apartment or extra storage space. By investing in a detached garage with a second-floor apartment, homeowners can rent out the space and earn some extra income. This is also perfect for homeowners who have a lot of visitors and long-term guests at home.

When it comes to picking a style of garage plans, there are many different options available through Behm Design. As you begin the process of narrowing down your options, keep in mind a few tips. First, you can match the style of the garage to the style of your house. You can also pick based on size or if you are interested in adding a second-floor apartment above the garage. For more information about the available garage styles, contact Behm Design today.