Choosing your new garage design can be daunting when you have so many options to choose from. However, it’s easy to find a suitable garage when you review the large selection of plans by Behm Design. Our professional garage plans website presents lots of relevant information, with many examples and topics  to review.

At Behm Design, we provide garage plans with numerous features, sizes, and configurations for everyone’s needs. We have everything from small single-car garages to larger garages that can store lawn equipment, multiple vehicles, and so much more. Contact Jay at Behm Design to learn more about  our garage plans and ask questions you may have about getting started on your  garage project. These  three of many garage types we offer are listed below

Before You Begin Your Search

Before you begin searching for your perfect garage plan, you need to determine your needs. Start by outlining your budget, speaking with your family, and brainstorming ideas about styles that interest you. All of this is valuable information that will make your initial plans search run more smoothly with greater accuracy.

Other aspects to consider are lot size, number of vehicles, different storage needs, and overall aesthetic. You can start by browsing the Behm Design website to consider ideas that catch your eye. When you are ready to start the process of selecting the ideal garage for your property you can visit our SHOP ALL PLANS   page for narrowing the search quickly.

Basic Garage Plans

Sometimes it is best to start with something simple. That’s why Behm Design provides basic garage plans with a wide variety of sizes to choose from.  Single car garage plans are great for individuals with smaller lot sizes or who need a one-car garage. If you have a smaller budget,  garage plans with a basic layout are a valuable way to ensure your vehicle stays secure within your budget. Plus, basic garage plans open multiple choices up to you, with over 90 variations in scale and size.

Dormer Garage Plans

Dormer garages are another popular choice for homeowners across the country. These garages are perfect for lots with loft or attic space within the roofs. Dormers allow light and ventilation within otherwise closed-off  spaces. Furthermore, dormer garage plans can several roof shapes, which makes them versatile.

Behm Design also provides gable dormer garage plans with their own rafter framed roof on top of the main roof structure. The dormer garage plans can work well with many types of homes, from Colonial to Contemporary.

Stylish garage plans for anyone.

Image by wolfields from Pixabay

Jumbo Garages Plans for big space needs

Finally, you don’t want to overlook Behm Design’s collection of jumbo-sized garage plans. In fact, you don’t need an oversized lot to make one of our jumbo plans work on your property. Perhaps you need the extra size  for storage purposes or for multiple vehicles.

Whatever your reasons, Behm has you covered with 12′ high framed walls. These plans include big garage doors and plenty of floor space for vehicles. Jumbo garage plans are popular with individuals who want extra shop space for hobbies or their jobs. Learn about all our jumbo garage plan possibilities by visiting our website today.

Building Permit-Friendly Plans

Building codes and permits can give you a headache unless you have plans designed and drawn to satisfy the building codes in your locality.

Every garage plan we provide is IRC building code compliant using the prescriptive approach and can be built in most locations of the  United States. Some places may require special, local engineering due to hurricane, earthquakes and heavy snow fall. Although we cannot provide specific engineering for your project we can offer advice on how to find the local service needed.

Contact Us

Behm Design truly believes that you don’t stand out as the best in your industry without hard work, dedication, and integrity. Since our founding in the 1990s, we have continued the legacy of quality garage plans for an affordable price. Now, with over 25 years of experience under our belts, IRC building code-friendly designs, and options for every homeowner across the country, we continue to help homeowners find their dream garages. Give us a call at 1-800-210-6776 today to learn even more about what we have to offer you.