Behm Design offers a variety of garage plans for storage space. One of the best benefits of getting a detached garage is the extra space for cars, but also gaining space to store things. There are many options as to what can be stored in a garage. Read on to learn the benefits of storing various items in your new garage.

A Place to Keep Tools

A detached garage is the perfect spot to store tools. Depending on the amount, tools can take up a lot of space. Homeowners who do not have basements are stuck having to keep the tools out in the garage. A benefit of a detached garage with storage is that it allows you to park your cars while still having space to store tools. Install a work table with drawers to store the tools or a rack on the wall where they hang. Homeowners will have easy access to their tools as they make repairs around the house.

Garage Plans that Provide Space for Bike Storage

Items such as bikes, scooters, and skateboards can take up a lot of room in the garage or basement. By adding a second garage to your home, you will now have space to store these items. This is especially helpful for families with a lot of children. Instead of storing these items in a basement or outside on a porch, they can be neatly stored in the new detached garage. Be sure to pick garage plans big enough to hold all your vehicles, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled!

Garage Plans with Room for Bulk Grocery Items

Many families belong to warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam’s where they buy groceries and other items in bulk. It can be hard to find room in the house to store a 24 pack of paper towels or 50 water bottles. This is where your new detached garage comes in handy! Investing in a garage plan with plenty of storage allows for homeowners to find spots to put all of their excess goods until they are ready to be used.

Building a detached garage on your property has many benefits including the addition of more storage space. This space can be used to store many different things. The garage overall is extremely helpful for homeowners who lack storage in their house. A detached garage is the perfect place to store tools, bikes, and bulk grocery items. At Behm Design, we offer many different plans with ample storage. There are garage options as wide as 30’ as well as jumbo four car garages. For more information about available models, contact Behm Design today.